Report from the South East LGBT+ AGM

On Saturday 11th December I attended the Regional Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Plus Self Organised Group Annual General Meeting as a delegate on behalf of the branch. The co-convener opened the meeting and welcomed everyone and asked if attendees would introduce themselves to the other delegates present. The 1st item on the agenda was to […]

Local government pay ballot: Briefing for UNISON members

Fixed-term workers’ pension U-turn welcomed

UNISON has welcomed the announcement by the University of Winchester that workers on fixed-term contracts will no longer be excluded from the Local Government Pension Scheme. The decision by the University came following a lobbying campaign led by UNISON Hampshire branch, who had argued against the University’s unfair practice of only allowing employees on permanent contracts into the […]

Winter Deaths Protest – London 26th November 2021

The above protest took place at Old Palace Yard, Westminster, later moving to Downing Street, where a letter was handed in for the Prime Minister. The event was organised by the London Region of the National Pensioners Convention together with Fuel Poverty Action to protest at the growing number of deaths amongst pensioners which are […]

A step towards UNISON democracy for retired members

Retired Members represent 10% of the total Unison membership. We have always had the right to vote in the General Secretary election, a position currently held by Christina McAnea. However, voting for members of the National Executive Council, the engine of our union, has been denied us. Currently three members of the NEC are given […]

State pension increases 2022-23: Relevant for current working members

It has been announced that in April next year the state pension will increase by 3.1%. State pensions are paid at two different rates: 1. People who reached state pension age before April 2016 will have an increase of £4.25 per week, total pension £7,376 – 20 p per annum 2. Those on the new […]

Retired Members National Conference 2021

Because the conference was held in a remote form it lacked the atmosphere and excitement normally experienced at this annual event.  However, it was clear that considerable effort had been involved in organising the occasion.  Front and back of house on the day were top rate, with only occasional technical hitches. Three members of our section’s committee attended.  Diana Barnes, Ange Cleife […]

UNISON rally for divestment from fossil fuels

Members of Hampshire County and Winchester District UNISON branches came together with regional staff and a number of local organisations this week to highlight their climate concerns. UNISON’s campaign calls on the Hampshire Local Government Pension Scheme to divest from environmentally destructive industries and protestors gathered outside the county council’s headquarters whilst participating employers met indoors. The pension scheme currently invests […]

Hampshire UNISON Retired Members show solidarity

In late August we received twenty-four hours notice that our fellow union, Unite, was organising a rally at Western Hospital, Southampton relating to the NHS, and calling for solidarity from all trade unionists. The purpose of the event was to oppose the 3% pay offer made to NHS staff, including care staff in the private […]

‘Balancing the Budget’ – Hampshire UNISON’s intial response to the Hampshire County Council public consultation

A year ago the Prime Minister pledged that the government will “not go back to the austerity of 10 years ago” (Coronavirus: PM ‘will not return to austerity of 10 years ago’ – BBC News), yet that is hard to believe when looking at the Hampshire County Council consultation to address the £80+ million funding […]