Tributes to Mike Perkins

It is with sadness that we must report the passing of Mike Perkins, lifelong trade unionist and member of the branch. Chris O’Neill, Chair of the Retired Members Section, writes: “For many years he was a Unison steward and amongst other positions he was Secretary of Southampton and SW Hants Trades Council, a Branch Committee member of Hampshire […]

Report from “Goodbye Cinderella: Time for A New Settlement for Care Services”

Diana Barnes, Unison Retired Members’ Section, attended The Old People’s Day online event – Goodbye Cinderella: Time for A New Settlement for Care Services, a National Pensioners’ Convention Webinar   Report:  Jan Shortt, NPC General Secretary was, as ever, an efficient Chair, cutting off one speaker when she exceeded her 5 minutes! We first watched a video showing what it was like for care workers during the worst […]

RMS Chair on the General Secretary Election

I was curious about the process locally, regionally and nationally, leading to the election of a new Unison General Secretary. Some of you are probably familiar with the procedure; for the rest, I invite you to share the information I have gathered. Dave Prentis, our current General Secretary, announced his retirement last July. Later that […]

Hampshire RMS on the 2021 State Pension Increases

“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it” Bob Hope An increase of 2.5% on the state pension has been announced to commence in April 2021.  Those on the new state pension will receive an increase of £4.40 per week to £179.60.  The increase on the old state pension […]

Information for members from Refuge – Domestic abuse charity

Women living with abusive partners will be fearing for their safety as new lockdowns come into force across the UK. Their abuser may be monitoring their phone and internet access, isolating them from friends and family, and making it difficult to reach out for support. We want to make sure women facing domestic abuse know […]

Hampshire UNISON (LG) nominates Paul Holmes ahead of upcoming election – Ballot opens 28th October

Hampshire UNISON has nominated Paul Holmes for General Secretary ahead of the upcoming election because: • Paul will significantly increase funding to branches, meaning we can organise effectively, fight for every job, and always be there for our members • Paul has a track-record of fighting for members and winning disputes • Paul will take […]

Hampshire UNISON in BCC News – “Hampshire council’s library closures plan ‘far too hasty’, Unison says”

Original article here A council is being “far too hasty” in its plans to close eight libraries and reduce the opening hours of those remaining, a union has said. Hampshire County Council wants to save £1.76m from the library service, putting 50 jobs at risk. Unison union said it had been “inundated” with complaints from […]

Retied Members Section – Good News on the State Pension?

The article here concerning State Pensions appeared in the Times on the 24th September.  If correct it is good news for us retired members.  As you may know elements of the ‘Media’, some of our ‘Parliamentary Representatives’ and a selection of ‘Think Tanks’ have for some time been agitating for reductions in Pensioners rights. I […]

Withdrawal of free TV licenses from pensioners aged 75+

Your Retired Members Management Committee has been active in opposing the BBC decision to withdraw free TV licences from the majority of pensioners aged 75 plus. We have engaged with the media, written to elected representatives, and taken part in street demonstrations. I think our attitude is best displayed in our letter published in the […]

Report from the TUC meeting on the state pension

In recent years the Conservatives seemed to consider the state pension is a plaything whose protections can be altered at their whim.  In truth, it is a right enshrined in law, payment of which is triggered in most cases by an individual’s National Insurance contributions over many years. On Thursday 23 July 2020, Joe Hannigan […]