Branch Directory

Contact the branch on 01962 842094 or at

Branch Secretary – Callum Williamson

Branch Chair – Nathan Shirley

Branch Treasurer – Keith Farmer

Children’s Services Convenor & Communications Officer – Joanne Adams

Retired Members Chair – Chris O’Neill

Environment Officer – Ilina Todorovska

Health & Safety Officer – Ray Bellinger 

Disabled Members Officer – Declan Clune

International Relations Officers – Ian Kempton & David Simpson


Branch Staff:

Schools Organiser/Case worker – Jamie Freeth

Private Sector Case worker/Organiser – Jeanette Smith

Senior Branch Administrator – Honor Barnes

Senior Branch Administrator – David Gearing


Vacant posts are below please contact the branch if you would be interested in taking on a role:

Deputy Branch Secretary

Black Members’ Officer

Women’s Officer 

Equalities Officer

LGBT Officer

Branch Education Officer

Welfare Officer