Decision time on pensions approaches

Since writing my report for this year’s AGM (attached), new developments have become apparent, some of which could clearly affect the finances and welfare of pensioners. The Conservatives have joined the Liberal Democrats in stating that if they win the next General Election they will honour the triple lock on the state pension for the […]

Retired Members’ Section report to Hampshire UNISON AGM

Many current pensioners retire having paid taxes, pension contributions and National Insurance for upwards of fifty years.  Indeed, some will continue to pay income tax until they die.  In return, after fourteen years of austerity we are faced with a state pension constantly under attack, public services crumbling and an NHS unable to meet our […]

Branch Secretary’s Report to 2024 AGM

I’m afraid I must start this year’s report on a note of deep sadness following the recent passing of our Deputy Branch Secretary, Black Members Officer, friend and comrade Skip Bawa. Skip gave four decades of his life to public service and to the union movement. Widely loved and greatly respected within the branch and […]

Tribute to Skip Bawa

It is with great sadness that we share the news that our friend and comrade Skip Bawa passed away last week. Skip was our Deputy Branch Secretary and Black Members Officer, as well as being Co-Chair of the Regional Black Members Committee. He gave four decades of his life to the union, helping, uplifting and […]

No end in sight

A widely accepted definition of the term Society is – ‘A community, nation or broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions and collective activities and interests.’ Alarmingly, cracks caused by the actions of national and local government are appearing in our society which, if not corrected, could lead to widespread discontent and disorder. Twelve […]

Hampshire UNISON February 2024 Newsletter

You can find the Hampshire UNISON 2024 newsletter here

Cheltenham TUC Rally – 26th January 2024

In January 1984 the government under the premiership of Margaret Thatcher announced that it would ban trade unions in GCHQ, claiming that there was an inherent conflict between the structure of trade unions and loyalty to the state.  No evidence was produced to support this invidious slur on the reputation, loyalty and integrity on trade […]

Hampshire UNISON response to HCC Care consultation

The Hampshire County Council Health & Adult Social Care Select Committee will be meeting next week to consider the proposed changes to HCC Care which were subject to public consultation at the end of 2023. Details of the proposals can be found here: info-pack-hcc-care-2023.pdf ( Aside from our consultation with management regarding the impacts on […]

Report on 2023 National Disabled Members Conference

Over the period of 28th until 30th October 2023 it was my pleasure to attend the National Disabled Member Conference, which took place at Edinburgh International Conference Centre, as the branches delegate to this conference. During the Saturday afternoon section various Caucus meetings were held. These meetings gave attendees the opportunity to discuss the appropriate […]

Support working people’s struggles in India!

The Hampshire UNISON Branch Committee recently passed the motion below: BACKGROUND INFORMATION India Labour Solidarity (ILS) is a new initiative to promote solidarity between workers and their trade union and labour movements in the UK and India. The Tory government is pushing to deepen trade, industrial and business relations between the two countries. At the same time India is slashing back basic labour rights through a new […]