Report on 2023 National Disabled Members Conference

Over the period of 28th until 30th October 2023 it was my pleasure to attend the National Disabled Member Conference, which took place at Edinburgh International Conference Centre, as the branches delegate to this conference.

During the Saturday afternoon section various Caucus meetings were held. These meetings gave attendees the opportunity to discuss the appropriate Caucus motions and amendments they had submitted to the agenda, also highlight any other motions where the Caucus may want to contribute to the debate.

The first meeting I attended was the LGBT+ Caucus, In which the representatives to the National Disabled Members Committee gave a verbal report to attendees on the work they had been involved in during the past year, this was followed by a discussion on the motions and various amendments that the caucus would be moving etc. Finally delegates voted for their representatives to the conferences standing order committee.

The last session on the Saturday afternoon was the various regional meetings, in which delegates had an opportunity to show an interest in the vacancies on the Conferences Standing Orders committee and also gave me the opportunity to ask if the Regional Disabled Members Self Organisation Group had sent out the calling notice to branches informing them of the S.O.G. Annual General Meeting. I was informed that this has been sent to branches secretaries and Disability Officers.

During Sunday’s different sections attendees had the opportunity to begin the debate on prioritised motions under the different section of the conference agenda. A meeting was also held for Labour Link members and the different service groups, I attended the meeting for community members in which elections where held for candidates to attend the National Community Seminar and Conference in 2024 and discussed suggestions for motions to be submitted on behalf of the National Disabled Members to this conference.

During conference UNISON’s General Secretary Christina McAnea and Unisons President Libby Nolan were welcomed as guest speakers and I moved amendment 10.2 on behalf of the LGBT+ Caucus and spoke in support of a motion looking at the union recognising member’s individual access needs.

Clive Streeter

Branches LGBT+ Officer