Report from National Community Conference 2022

Over the period of the 18th March until 20th March the Community Service Group held it National Conference and Seminar in Glasgow. It was nice to be able to meet colleagues in person again, after two year.

It was a privilege to be selected to represent the National Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender plus National Committee, also moved their two motion, which received supported from other delegates and were both carried by conference as part of the work of the National Service Group Executive future work.

During Conference delegates given the opportunity the opportunity to attend various Self Organised Groups for Disabled, Black, Women and LGBT+ members of the Union. This gave attendee the opportunity to discuss various subjects affective the service group and the S.G.E for report back to members on the work carried out by them since the last conference.

I personally attended the Caucus meeting for Disabled and Chaired LGBT+, in which attendees were given the opportunity to discuss the different motions of the agenda that the group may wish to consider speaking on.

Overall the conference has given me the opportunity to come together with other colleagues after the pandemic, to look at way of organising and supporting your members within the Community Service group in the future.

Clive Streeter

Community Member & LBGT+ Officer

Hampshire Local Government Branch