Report from the South East LGBT+ AGM

On Saturday 11th December I attended the Regional Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Plus Self Organised Group Annual General Meeting as a delegate on behalf of the branch.

The co-convener opened the meeting and welcomed everyone and asked if attendees would introduce themselves to the other delegates present.

The 1st item on the agenda was to elect the co-conveners for the group for the forth coming year, as the group had not received any nomination and none of the delegates attending the meet put themselves forward, the outgoing co-conveners were re-elected for the forth coming year.

We then proceeded to nominations and election to the groups committee and the different representative that would represent the S.O.G. at the various organising structures within the union at both regional and national level, also the Trade Union Congress.

Within these elections I put myself forward to become a member of the groups committee, also to represent the group on the Regions Disabled Members S.O.G. and was duly elected to both.

Once the various elections had taken place the group discussed the various annual reports that had been submitted and went on to discuss the forth coming year’s finances and action plan.

Within this discussion they looked at which pride the S.O.G. would support during 2022 and it was agreed that attendees would submit details of any Pride events that they were aware of happening during 2022 and these would be considered by the committee at a future meeting.

I raised as a point when considering which events the group supported we need to be looking at how accessible the events were, to ensure that we were promoting event that were fully inclusive to all members of LGBT+ community and I agreed to send a copy of the Access Guide produced by the National Disabled Members LGBT+ organisations Regard as a reference document for the group to use.

The co-convenor proceeded to asked for nominations to attend the National LGBT+ conference in 2022 on behalf of the Region. The group had a discussion on what the delegates responsibilities would be whilst at conference.

I put myself forward as a delegate to represent the S.O.G and was duly elected.

Other items discussed at the meeting included the region hosting meetings within the region as part of the Mark Segal tour during LGBT+ history month, also a Regional LGBT+ membership survey.

Clive Streeter

Community Branch Member