Hands off our bus passes – The fight goes on

Have you read the article on this site about Richard Worrall’s sixteen day trek around England last October, celebrating ten years of the bus pass and raising money for charity? Two members of your committee met him when he arrived in Southampton and one accompanied him to his next stage to Lymington.

Richard has recently written and published an illustrated diary of his journey. It is a fascinating read, and you can only admire his spirit and determination to complete the journey, which on occasions was demanding, but throughout his sense of humour comes sparkling through.

He writes critically of Hampshire County Council’s efforts to introduce charges both for the initial issue of the bus pass and for every journey made, adding that he knew of no other local authority in England seeking to treat its pensioners in such a mean-minded way. We circulated a press release about his journey and the views of those hostile to the bus pass.

The diary contains many colour illustrations and you will not be surprised to hear that a majority are those of buses past and present!

If you would like a copy of the diary, send a cheque or stamps to the value of £5 (includes postage) to R V Worrall, 46 Winn House, Burrowes Street, Walsall WS2 8NW.

Christopher O’Neill

Vice Chair

Hampshire Unison Retired Members Section