Support and best wishes to members at Staffordshire University – Open letter from Unison Retired Members

Like me, you may have recently received an email from Amelia Rout, who is Secretary of the Unison branch at Staffordshire University.

The management at this university have proposed that the lowest graded members of staff (mainly women) are transferred out of the current Local Government Pension Scheme into a wholly owned subsidiary company.  The result will be a likely reduction in their final pension.  Other more senior members of staff will remain in the local government scheme.  As a result, this group voted to take strike action and she asked that branches supported her members and if possible give financial support.

We have sent the message of support below from Hampshire Retired Members Section and financial support not drawn from Unison funds.  We hope you support your Committee in their actions.

We will keep you informed of how this matter progresses.

Amelia Rout

Branch Secretary

Stafford University Unison Branch

1 October 2018



Members of our section were outraged when they heard the parsimonious plans Staffordshire University have to diminish the pension rights of the workers on the lowest grades at your institution whilst maintaining other staff members on a superior scheme.

We know how much universities confer with each other on policy and agree with you that if Staffordshire is successful in reducing pension income for the lowest paid staff some other institutions are likely to follow their example.

Are we unnecessarily alarmist in wondering if in the long term Staffordshire is planning to offer to tender out some services and as a result in advance seeks to limit the financial liability of those entering a tendering process?

It is obvious you are well organised and have a clear strategy.  However, if it is likely to assist you, we will correspond with media outlets in your area expressing our disgust at what is being planned for your branch members.  Naturally we would not send anything without you first viewing it.

We have submitted a motion for the agenda of our next branch meeting requesting that a donation be made to your fighting fund.

We totally support your actions.  Please keep us informed of future developments and of any way we can assist you.

Best wishes

Chris O’Neill

Vice Chair

Hampshire Unison Retired Members Section