Retired members section at Tolpuddle 2018

Magnificent banners held proudly high, represented groups from all over our nation:  unions, political groups, campaigners, pensioner organisations and more, almost too much to absorb.

We laughed and cheered as they continued to progress the High Street, bands providing a taste of New Orleans, Asia and northern brass.

Later Jeremy Corbyn addressed the crowd with his ideas to improve our troubled society and was met with an enthusiastic response.

We paused before departure to consider what George Loveless and his fellow martyrs would have made of the Festival, commemorating, as it does the devastating incident in their lives which ultimately improved the lot of many working people for generations to come.

We hope to return next year, maybe marching with our new banner.  Why not join us?

Chris O’Neill

Deputy Chair,

Hampshire Unison Retired Members Group