Council and School Support Workers: Have Your Say On Pay

UNISON suspended the strike planned for 14 October to consult you over pay proposals put forward by the Local Government Association. Hampshire UNISON is balloting all of its members on NJC pay, and it is vital that if you receive a ballot paper you make your voice heard by voting to either accept or reject the proposals.The ballot closes on Tuesday 11 November 2014.

The UNISON NJC committee’s view is that the employers’ pay proposal falls far below the aspirations in our 2014/15 pay claim (at least £1 an hour on all scale points) and far below what members deserve. However, the committee believes it is the best achievable by negotiation and that only sustained, all out strike action could achieve an improved pay offer.

What do the proposals mean for me?

Most Hampshire County Council employees are covered by NJC pay and would receive the equivalent percentage increase under the proposals. However, HCC’s grading framework does not use the NJC Spinal Column Points, so to see how the new proposals affect your pay (and that of your colleagues) the branch has produced a table which indicates which NJC Spinal Column Point (SCP) broadly corresponds to which EHCC grade / step. Please note, since EHCC grades / steps do not align exactly with NJC SCPs they have been matched with the nearest SCP for illustrative purposes only. If you have any questions you should contact your workplace / departmental steward or convenor in the first instance.

Have your say on pay – vote today. Ballot closes 11 November 2014.



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