Local Government pay – vote to REJECT 1% offer

UNISON branches across the country are in the process of consulting local government members over industrial action, following a meagre 1% pay offer from employers. UNISON is strongly recommending that all members vote to REJECT the derisory offer and that we move to an official industrial action ballot in support of our original claim of a minimum increase of £1 an hour on all scale points.

Hampshire UNISON has consistently argued that joint industrial action with other public sector workers is the best way to defend our members against the never-ending austerity being pursued by this Coalition Government. A large vote in this ballot to reject the employers’ offer will move that possibility one step closer. There are ongoing disputes over pay in schools and Higher Education, and there is also the potential for NHS workers to join the struggle, after 60% of them were denied a pay rise this year.

In Hampshire, members will receive their ballot papers by email or through the post, depending on what details we hold for you. In both cases your response must be received by 15 April 2014. If you have not received a ballot paper by Monday 7 April 2014, please contact us.

UNISON is clear that the employers’ below-inflation offer falls woefully below the aspirations in our 2014-15 pay claim and what our members deserve. It does nothing to begin restoring the 20% real loss in NJC pay value since 2010 and the effect falling pay has on members’ future pensions. It means yet another year with a further pay cut for the vast majority of our members, some of whom are being forced to rely on food banks and in-work benefits as a result. It leaves half a million NJC members below the Living Wage and the lowest paid 50,000 just 30p above the National Minimum Wage.

The Local Government Employers have offered:

 Offer                                                                         New Hourly Rate

  • £580 on pay point 5                                                    £6.75
  • £550 on pay point 6                                                    £6.82
  • £400 on pay point 7                                                    £6.90
  • £275 on pay point 8                                                    £7.05
  • £200 on pay point 9                                                    £7.22
  • £175 on pay point 10                                                   £7.35
  • 1.0% on pay points 11 and above

* In Hampshire, EHCC Grade A (Steps 1-3) falls below NJC pay point 10. All other EHCC Grades would receive 1% under the offer.




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