“Scrooge employer” challenged by UNISON

UNISON has launched a campaign against Hampshire & Dorset based “Scrooge employer” Apex Care which refuses to pay the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and imposes unreasonable and punitive charges and sanctions on its hardworking, low-paid female staff delivering vital care to the most vulnerable in our communities.

 Apex Companions Ltd (trading as APEX CARE) has a contract with Hampshire County Council to provide domiciliary care in a number of towns and districts across the county.


 UNISON’s Regional Officer Peter Terry said:

 This company is funded by Hampshire taxpayers.

 When I met with its Managing Director Malcolm Patrick last month he seemed wholly unconcerned that his staff were being paid less than the Minimum Wage – he claimed he couldn’t afford it!

 But he can afford his luxury boats and new cars – no doubt paid for from his business Apex Care – a business funded by and profiting from the public sector.

 Mr Patrick’s employees care for those who are aged and disabled – some of the most vulnerable in our communities. They are our parents, our grandparents and our neighbours. It is only right that that their carers are valued, are properly employed and paid fairly for the vital work they do.

 The ongoing refusal of Apex to pay their staff no less than the National Minimum Wage and Hampshire County Council’s failure to ensure Apex abides by the law is disgraceful.

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