Have your say on local government pay – make sure you vote!

The Local Government Employers have made a ‘final offer’ on our pay for 2013-14. It is:

  • 1% on all pay points from April 2013 with NO strings
  • Removal of bottom pay point 4 from 1 October 2013*

 * This will not effect employees on Hampshire County Council’s EHCC 2007 pay framework, as the bottom point of EHCC Grade A is above NJC Scale Point 5.

This ‘offer’ comes after a three year pay freeze that has seen the real value of our pay plummet by a massive 16% and with inflation currently running at 3%. UNISON negotiators believe that 1% is nothing short of an insult to local government workers.

UNISON branches are now asking all local government members for their view on the offer. You will shortly be receiving a consultative ballot paper in the post which asks whether you accept or reject the offer. This is your chance to have your say – it is important that your voice is heard.

Your branch committee, made up of elected workplace stewards and branch officers, is recommending that you REJECT the ‘offer’ and indicate your support for a programme of sustained all-out strike action to win a fair deal for local government workers.

We believe that a programme of joint action with other public sector unions who are also in dispute over attacks on pay, jobs and pensions can push back the bosses and smash the government’s pay freeze. In Scotland UNISON members when consulted spoke decisively to reject the offer and are moving towards an industrial action ballot – we should be joining them.

Local government pay is already the lowest in the public sector, and many of our members are experiencing real hardship as their wages fail to keep up with rising living costs. This government is pushing public sector workers to the edge to pay for an economic crisis we didn’t cause, while it cuts the top rate of income tax and gives handouts to millionaires. Enough is enough. Vote to reject the employers’ offer, recruit your colleagues to UNISON and let’s strike together to win a fair deal for local government workers.

Consultative ballot papers must be returned to the branch by no later than midday on Monday 10 June, 2013.

LG Pay 2013-14 Members Leaflet



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