HE Pay Ballot – Campaign Continues

Pay Ballot – Don’t Forget To Vote!

UNISON reps and organisers took advantage of the lull in the rain to help spread the word about the Higher Education pay ballot at Universities in Winchester and Southampton. 

We dressed up one activist as the “support staff cat” and used this as a fun way to stop passing staff and students. After all, it’s hard not to pay attention when a six foot tall black cat is trying to high-five you!

To make things even more interesting, we also ran a lucky dip. Passers-by were invited to take part for free; everyone who did received a fact about the pay offer being made to HE staff and a message highlighting if they won or not. To keep this on theme, “winners” had taken strike action and won a living wage.

Whilst it might seem a strange way to put out an important message, this stunt was a success in that it took something serious – and for many people, intimidating – and turned it into something easy to engage with. Reps spent a lot of time explaining why we are balloting to passers-by, and nearly everyone was supportive.

We found that students, rather than being concerned how strike action would impact on them, understood our position and were keen to support us. We also spoke to a lot of staff, who we reminded to vote – and hopefully convinced them to vote YES. 

The pay ballot closes 10am on 2nd October.

UNISON HE Members…

Don’t forget to vote




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