Save Our Elderly Care Homes!


Hampshire UNISON has launched a campaign to save the 3 elderly care homes, Addenbrooke, Cornerways and Thurlston from closure. Following the end the end of the County Council’s consultation UNISON held public meetings in each of the local areas to find out from residents what their views were on the Council’s plans.

The view was an overwhelming consensus that these homes should remain open!

These meetings were covered by BBC, Meridian, the Daily Echo, the Hampshire Chronicle and on local radio stations! Clearly the media has picked up on the potential public interest in this!

See coverage here;

UNISON is opposed to all cuts within local authority services and campaigns to defend these essential services for the public, services that protect, enrich and change lives. Our members don’t just work in public services – they and their families rely on them too. The County Council now has over £300m in its reserves and it would be a drop in the ocean of this reserve to bring these homes up to standard.

At its next meeting HCC will have the opportunity to make a choice, to choose to protect services for the most vulnerable and the jobs of the staff that support them or to cynically cut them and open up elderly care to the private sector. UNISON hopes that councillors can live with the consequences of that choice.

Hampshire UNISON will be stepping up the campaign in the run up to this meeting with letter writing and emailing of local councillors as well as mobilising for the day itself.

Join the lobby of Hampshire County Council

Tuesday 21st September; from 1pm

Outside HCC HQ, Elizabeth 2 Court, Winchester SO23 8TG

If you can help spread the word, distribute leaflets, sign the petition or get others to do so then please get in contact with the branch!



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