#workplace fail

TUC guidance on avoiding the potential pitfalls of social media at work.

Blogging, tweeting, or keeping your friends up to date on facebook all blur the boundaries between our work and personal lives, but employers and workers alike are still struggling to adjust. According to research last year, only 16% of UK employees were aware of any company guidelines in this area.

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Unlike a comment in a pub, a status update, blogpost or tweet can be copied, viewed and saved many times, and reach a wider audience. This means a much higher chance that your whinge about your disastrous project could do real damage to your company’s reputation, and also that your boss could find out about it. There have been plenty of high-profile cases, such as the woman who was sacked (on facebook) for her status update about how she hated her job and her ‘pervy boss’, having forgotten she’d ‘friended’ him previously.

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Don’t get caught out, check out the links below for the latest information and advice.

Quick guide to your rights at work and social media…

Latest news on social networking…

Online training and toolkit “Not Safe For Work”…

Guide lines from ACAS and short video…

If you want any help or guidance on any of these issue then contact Hampshire UNISON today! 



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