Tolpuddle 2012

For the first time in years Hampshire UNISON took a minibus load of trade unionists over to the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in Dorset.

This annual event commemorates the struggle of the six workers who were deported to Australia for the despicable crime forming a trade union. After years of campaigning they were freed and pardoned and their story takes its in place in history at the beginning of British trade unionism.

The festival now run by the South West TUC brings together from across the country and you will find railway workers rubbing shoulders with teachers. It has grown over the years now running over a weekend with music, comedy events, political debates as well as all the trade union stalls.

Attendees from Hampshire soaked up the atmosphere (and the rain!) attended the traditional march and listened to speeches from amongst others the redoubtable Tony Benn.

Jan Matthews Hampshire UNISON current deputy branch secretary, who goes regularly, throughly enjoyed the day and was impressed with the turnout from the local branch.

Next year we will have to book a coach to take people!

See all the pictures here…

Click here for more info on the Tolpuddle event and history…



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